Forgiveness is so very important for you to heal and grow along your journey. It is also a BIG part of your learning  journey here on the earth plan.

Allowing yourself to forgive another person not only sets you free in your emotional state of being, but changes the energy from within you.  When you do this, both  of you to become lighter. And it brings your bodies back into harmony and allows you to heal. 

We are all here to learn. and the lesson of forgiveness is one heard one to overcome.    RELATIONSHIPS: When we find ourselves in a relationships that are abusive. We then are attracting the same vibration to come to us again and again, this happens usually on a subconscious level. just bringing it to our awareness state maybe be enough to make us do something different.  When you  do some meditation, you can find the deeper reason.   It has really nothing to do with others as how you see yourself in a relationship. Speaking your truth within to yourself, and  speaking to another will help you and them know truth.

If you find yourself always in the bad relationship, or a job that is going no where. or a relationship of the past that you can't let go of.  check inside, do the work, and seek help from a Professional , or find a healer that can help you release the pain that you continue to carry.  Usually   it's deep in the body of emotion, and it can manifest into the physical. When you can  allow yourself to let go of the deep pain that you caused another or they cause you, then  you to heal. 

Abusive relationships are many. and sometimes people stay for many reasons. the children, the home, the lack of something.... but usually it's because we think we somehow  we deserve to be there, and think we are really helping this other person by staying in a toxic relationship. This don't do anything but make it more  toxic. Step away, allow yourself to heal. and love yourself, your true spiritual self, not your EGO self. forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be there.  see the lessons, and then make a choice to heal.  When you heal in spirit you have learned the lesson. If you heal in EGO. you will go back again.

Kathy Drinkman